Burnham & Berrow GC, Sunday 14 October 2018


After a very wet morning the skies cleared to allow us to go to the golf course. We played a Texas scamble event with each team comprising one Performance girl and 2 Development girls.

The Performance girls were tasked with making all the decisions on course and helping and advising the development girls on shot selection. As Lead coach, I was able to focus on what the girls (Performance squad) played like and make notes on what we can improve.

The Development girls showed great spirit and determination to not let the performance girls down and the standard of play was excellent.

Some very promising techniques and the girls will be put through their paces at the next coaching session. The venue for this will change to Burnham Driving Range so that we can focus on technique and gaining a better understanding of what can be worked on over the winter.


Thank you


Burnham Driving Range, Sunday 4 November 2018

A fabulous day spent at Burnham Driving Range working on swing technique. I videoed each girls swing and pointed out some of the things mentioned last time. It was great to see some improvements made from last time and hopefully the video’s will further enhance the progress.

Each swing video has been sent to the girls along with a briefing on the points raised.

Happy golfing to you all and keep up the good work. The next session (weather permitting) will be spent at Burnham & Berrow GC working on wedge shots.

See you all soon

Thank you



Somerset Girls Performance Coaching Report

Burnham & Berrow GC, Sunday 2 December 2018

A very productive day at the golf club today. We discussed the girls progress since the last session and they all appreciated the video feedback of their swings from last time.

This week’s focus was on distance control from 75, 90 and 100yards. I placed cones around each target, allowing for an 8 yard circle at 75 yards, 9 yard circle at 90 yard and 10 yard circle at 100 yards. This helped the girls to focus on areas rather than just the flag.

We talked in great depths about the control of the swing and not trying to power the ball with a club that wouldn’t reach the target. The girls came up with some good words about how they felt with this task. One word was ‘calm’ because they felt comfortable with controlling the swing and not powering it.

We moved onto the putting green and worked hard on long putts. After some initial discussion, I gave the girls 2 putts each to get the ball into the hole from approximately 60 feet. If they failed to do so, they had to do a forfeit, which they chose…a 10-second ‘plank’. Working in teams of 2, if one of them failed, them both would have to do the forfeit. Great fun and a good way of intimating pressure.


With Christmas coming up, its now the winter break and the girls will be back in February.

See you all soon

Thank you


perf2nd12 IMG_0203



Somerset Girls Performance Coaching Report

Enmore Park, Sunday 3 March 2019

Despite an awful weather forecast, with gale force winds and driving rain, which did not happen, the girls turned up all happy after the long winter break.

With a discussion about how external forces can adversely affect performance, such as weather conditions, ground lies and conditions, flag locations and hole shape, much thought was given to each shot being played on its own merit.

The girls can ONLY control their own thought process and through the playing of the course, the girls showed great aptitude to coping in such conditions. Some superb shots being made but more importantly, the thought processes involved in preparing for the shot in hand. What an excellent day!

Happy golfing to you all and keep up the good work. The next session (weather permitting) will be spent at Burnham & Berrow GC.

Thank you to Julie and Chris for their help today.

See you soon


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