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29th April Burnham and Berrow


With only a small group of girls from Development and Performance, our focus today was on warming up before a game and an on course session where the thought process was on course management and thinking about which shot would give the best result.

Before the round, the girls developed their personal warm ups. Thus wasvaux of putting, chipping and full shots. More emphasis was placed on putting and holing out. 5 balls with the length of the putt increasing, 5 with the length of putt decreasing, 5 random length putts and 5 from putter length to build confidence in hoing out.

Using 5 different clubs to chip with from the same position to help the girls think which is the better club to give the best result.

Finally finishing the warm up with a few chips and more putts.

On the course, the girls had a specific colour. Depending on which colour was called, they either hit the shot or described the shot. The girls responded really well to this. On the greens, the girls had a consequence to leaving putts short or outside of a putter length. This consequence was not playing the next tee shot.

All in all, a great session was had with many laughs along the way

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Somerset Girls Performance Coaching Report    13 May 2018, Saltford Golf Club

What a beautiful day for some golf coaching at Saltford Golf Club for the final coaching session of the season.

It was great to have all squads in attendance and we were very grateful to Saltford Golf Club for allowing use of the fantastic facilities at the club. The performance squad spent the first hour of the session on the putting green. We worked on an alignment drill, discovering how the girls can establish their eye position so that they can see a straight line to the hole. Most of the girls discovered that having their eyes over the ball was not their position, so we focused on working on a correct address position to help them start their putts on line. We also did a distance control drill, hitting putts in increasing distances and then in decreasing distances. We then played a few holes on the course and had some good discussions about course situations and how we can may be find better solutions to help shoot lower scores.

It was Amelia’s final coaching session and she has shown herself to be a leader. She engages with the others and is a role model for the younger players to look up to. Somerset should be proud that she is Junior Girls Captain this year. It has been a pleasure to help not only Amelia out, but to see the girls develop lifelong friendships. Long may it continue.

Thank you,  Stuart

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Burnham & Berrow GC, Sunday 14 October 2018


After a very wet morning the skies cleared to allow us to go to the golf course. We played a Texas scamble event with each team comprising one Performance girl and 2 Development girls.

The Performance girls were tasked with making all the decisions on course and helping and advising the development girls on shot selection. As Lead coach, I was able to focus on what the girls (Performance squad) played like and make notes on what we can improve.

The Development girls showed great spirit and determination to not let the performance girls down and the standard of play was excellent.

Some very promising techniques and the girls will be put through their paces at the next coaching session. The venue for this will change to Burnham Driving Range so that we can focus on technique and gaining a better understanding of what can be worked on over the winter.


Thank you


Burnham Driving Range, Sunday 4 November 2018

A fabulous day spent at Burnham Driving Range working on swing technique. I videoed each girls swing and pointed out some of the things mentioned last time. It was great to see some improvements made from last time and hopefully the video’s will further enhance the progress.

Each swing video has been sent to the girls along with a briefing on the points raised.

Happy golfing to you all and keep up the good work. The next session (weather permitting) will be spent at Burnham & Berrow GC working on wedge shots.

See you all soon

Thank you