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B Team League Match v Gloucestershire Report.  Sunday August 27th at The Kendleshire


Our final match of the season was against Gloucestershire. It was a very early start on a Bank Holiday Sunday weekend. Unfortunately illness hit the team the night before. (We do hope Davina is now feeling a lot better.)  At such short notice filling a team place was going to be difficult, so our valiant County Captain stepped in without any hesitation. Our team of Carys Parker, Abby Gray, Kim Parker, Kathryn  Loader, Carolyn Stait and Cathy Olive played against the  Gloucestershire Team of Racheal Archibald, Grace Connelly, Megan Bartlett, Kate Thurlow, Jess Brown and Hannah Brown -Pearce.

First tee was at 9:08 and it was a steady start.  Carys and Abby were up against a strong pair of Rachel and Grace. I followed this match for a while, watching some excellent golf by all. Putting and watching the trees governed this match and Gloucester won 3 and 2. The next pairing, Cathy and Carolyn, were up against there new bloods of Megan and Kate. Experience won the day and the results was 1 up to Somerset. Cathy spoke very highly of the young girls’ golf and said it was lovely to see new talent coming through for ladies golf. Kim and Kathryn were also up against a strong pairing of Jess and Hannah.  Once Kim had settled her swing, she was hitting some beautiful shots and she and Kathrine were working very well together but their golf didn’t reflect the score and they lost 2 down.

We were up against the time all morning, so a quick mouthful of food and we were back out to play the singles.     Birdies after birdies were being played by Gloucestershireand this proved too much for Carys who after being only 3 over lost gracefully to Grace.    Next up,  Abby who shot out of the blocks and was never down.  Well done Abby, lovely positive golf.  Cathy and Kate had a lovely round

I was able to witness some fantastic shots in to the green from Cathy but, as Cathy had said earlier, Megan was playing very well and proved too strong in the final score.  Carolyn, who seemed very calm and collected, was 1 up on the turn but birdies from Jess claimed the win. Kathryn, who hasn’t shown any signs of nerves, had a battle on her hands, the trees and her opponent. She hit some wonderful shots especially across water having watched her opponent drop in. Again this match was claimed by Gloucester.    Last match, Kim again found herself up against it and the experienced Rachael won the game.     7/2 final score.      


The girls were fantastic ambassadors for Somerset and I hope next year we shall have some of our Juniors who are now more than ready for Ladies County Golf. I have some very big thank you’s to our Captain for stepping in to play, Beryl our acting CJO who supported and caddied, Amanda Mayne Vice President for again supporting on a bank holiday weekend and our lovely parents - the Parkers  who supported and caddied and to Ian Loader who joined us for his first experience of ladies county golf, he supported and caddied. I have had a wonderful time with all the girls who played for our B team and I look forward to battling again next year.  

Gloucestershire now meet Cornwall in the League final.


                      Alysia Rees Vice Captain

Second Team vs G 3rd photo 2nd photo 4th photo

August 13th at Weston Super Mare Golf Club a B Team League Match -       Somerset V Wiltshire.


We couldn't have asked for a better day to hold our League match. The sun was in full swing as the first foursomes match started and as the last singles match was finished.  The match consisted of three foursomes and five singles games.    Wiltshire unfortunately had to forfeit one of their singles matches due to illness.

Due to holidays and injury, I (then) had to turn to our wonderful club players. Jane Clist and Kathryn Loader’s  names were put forward and, when asked, they were very keen to play.  Jane has played for the county before and Kathryn has just finished university and now, having time to play golf, is having an excellent season.   Carys Parker (Saltford) and Abby Gray (Farrington Park) set off first in the foursomes against Keeley Clayton and Linda Scrase. They were 3 down with three to play before they turned the match around and managed a fantastic half.      Next was Kim Parker  (Saltford) and Davina Xanh (Mendip Spring) against Tracey Sculley, an ex Somerset B team player, and Kerry Moorhouse. This was a tough match against two very steady players who went on to win 3/1.      Our last match was our rookies.     Jane Clist and Kathrine Loader (both from Oake Manor) against Anne Ferguson and Hattie Dunn. They quietly went about their business working very well together. Jane very positive and lead(ing)them on to a fantastic win 6/4. So a great half for the morning. We had lunch and then on into the singles. First out was Carys against Keely, Carys went on very confidently to win 5/3. Abby was next against Tracey: another win Abby 4/3.  Kim went next with a resounding win 6/4 against Hattie.    Davina came out on fire and won her match 6/5 against Kerry. Wiltshire had to forfeit a singles match due to illness so Jane was happy to step aside. Next to play was Kathryn who had Jane on her bag. She fought very well against a steady Linda Scrase. The match was all square going down 18 and after two fantastic putts, the match was a half.   Somerset won 7/2.    

  I would like to mention some very special people who gave up their time to come and help our team. Cathy Olive, Somerset Captain, who was alongside me helping me in my first League match. Amanda Mayne, Vice President, sharing advice and giving moral support. Beryl Richards, Acting CJO, an important person to work alongside, bringing on our future and who caddied. Lizzie Stevens, a fantastic member of our first team, a great figurehead for the B team to aspire to and who was happy to caddie. Thanks to the wonderful families who always turn up to caddie and cheer on the team and lastly to Weston golf club who looked after us all day. The course was wonderful, the greens stunning and the catering delicious.

      A very happy Vice Captain     Alysia Rees

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