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Sunday 6th October 2019 Somerset Girls Futures South Coaching.


The start of our winter programme of Futures South coaching was blessed with good weather and all the girls were a real credit, with great behaviour,

etiquette and some real talent!


Our session started with getting to know each other and distributing the Somerset Girls polo shirts and headbands – please try to wear these to every session.  I also would like each player to bring with them a small simple notebook and pencil so that we can write down some individual points from the sessions.  The main coaching points were:


Short game:


•Weight distributed 70/30 on front foot

•Create a hitting station (parallel clubs) to improve alignment

•Length of shot determined on length of backswing - through swing should be as least the same length as back swing.

•Make sure you stay down on the shot and brush the turf


Long game:

•Build a pre shot routine that includes face and body alignment

•Simplify the swing – turn your back to the target

•Trophy Pose finish and hold for 3 seconds!


Looking forward to Sunday 10th November 1pm – 4pm for our next session.