Sunday 14th October Somerset Girls Futures South Coaching 1300 - 1600


The weather eased off and allowed our session to be delivered outdoors.  We started with a warm up from our undercover bays hitting from short irons to the longer clubs.


We then used our short game area to challenge the girls in matchplay format playing 5Up.  This game tests the players shot selection, short game skills and competitive edge as the winner of each hole selects the next shot, nearest to the pin wins.  First to 5 wins.


Afterwards the team went on course and played the first 5 holes in 2 balls, The 2 Lucy’s played together and Mirrin and Olivia were teamed up.  Helen Hayward and I supervised and coached both teams on their pre shot routines, club selection, course management and etiquette.  The girls then teamed up and played holes 6 and 7 as a team of 4 in a scramble format.  


The main outcome of this 1st session was that the girls got to know each other really well and started making some new golfing friends.  They coped with the course and the cold and blustery conditions well.  They also got to know myself and Helen and we got to know the girls and their individual learning styles.


Looking forward to the 4th November when our 2 hour session from 1pm – 3pm will focus on the basic fundamentals and simple swing principles.


If you have any questions please let me know.



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Sunday 4th November Somerset Girls Futures South Coaching 1300 - 1500


8 girls braved the elements for our 2nd session where we were focusing on basic set up and swing fundamentals.  We managed to start outdoors with some full swing while the rain was off but then split the group in 2 and worked in our indoor areas when the weather was at its worst.

This gave me and my assistant coach Helen a great chance to get the players to think about a repeatable pre shot routine, aim correctly, hold correctly and then for them to come up with their own swing thought/feeling.

As the weather improved we spent nearly an hour on the putting green with each player playing a 6 hole / 12 putt putting challenge and then separate stations working on alignment, putter path, centered strike and

breaking putts.

A great session with all players showing improvement, having fun and developing some reall y good friendships.

Looking forward to our next session on Sunday 2nd December 1pm – 3pm.

If you have any queries please let me know.

Kindest regards,