Sunday 3rd March Somerset Girls Futures South Coaching 1300 - 1600


We had a great turnout of 7 players braving Storm Freya for our Girls Squad get together at Enmore Park Golf Club.  The weather turned out to be quite playable with a relatively dry and not too windy session.  

We started the session working on the swing picking small targets and focusing on balance, maintaining our spinal angle and holding our finish.  We were trying to hit one of the yardage signs on the range and 2 girls were successful!

After the indoor range session we moved outdoors and worked on pitch and run shots and then higher shots that had to fly over an obstacle but hold the green.  The players instantly saw the benefit of keeping the ball down and running it compared to the more difficult higher shot.

We then went on course with the squad playing 3 holes and keeping their score.  The group would set themselves a target score and then try and beat that score.  After each hole we would reflect on what we did well and what we may do better the next time.

The girls all showed a great attitude on a pretty rough day and were a pleasure to coach.

Kindest regards, Simon

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Sunday 7th April Somerset Girls Futures South Coaching


What a great session we had last Sunday at T&P, all players showed real enthusiasm and commitment during our 4 hour session.


The session started with some short game work trying to see how many out of 10 we could get inside our target circle.  Each target was tailored to the individual player’s level of ability.  Afterwards we worked on putting with half the group playing putting tennis and the other half working on improving their centredness of strike.


The 2nd half of the session we ventured on course and split the girls into 2 x 2 balls and a 3 ball.  All playing from the red or our 200 yard white disks.  The girls all played some great shots and showed a great attitude, etiquette and friendship.


I asked the girls a really simple question – why do you love golf?  A great selection of answers: calming, new friendships, peaceful, challenging and the chance to win lots of money!!


Kindest regards,