November 11th 2018 Farrington Park


Well done Futures!

This afternoon it was absolutely brilliant to watch you all on the course playing some holes in style.

It would not have been possible if it wasn’t for Margaret Allen, Fran Davies and Abby Gray from Somerset who helped out by walking round with groups and keeping score. It was also great to have a few parents on the sidelines hopefully enjoying the golf as much as we did.

We warmed up in the range first by trying to land the ball in the net situated 50 yards away, this was to help you get a feel of the game ahead on the par 3 manor course. Each hole measured 60 yards and you were trying to make as many threes or less to be in with a chance of winning a Farrington Poker Chip and Ball Marker.

All groups played at least 5 holes and it was amazing to see 2 girls in Ffion and Milly achieve 3 threes, winning them the 2 top spots. So many girls were close with 2 and we would have seen a whole lot more if the putting was on song.

It would be nice to see some twos the next time we get a chance to get out and play, but you will have to practice really hard to achieve this and I cannot promise you the holes will be 60 yards next time, so try and find the feel for many more yardages. AND SPEND A LOT OF TIME ON THE PUTTING GREEN....It really will help you win next time out!

Well done again, see you on Sunday 2nd December at 1pm to 3pm when we plan to tackle the short game.



Terry, Chris and Dave

2nd December Farrington Park

Well done this afternoon Futures

You all battled through the elements, with next to no negativity, we really do have a talented and positive bunch.

Firstly I would like to thank our Ladies Captain Pat Roscow, and Farrington lady members Gwyn Macdonald and Sue Skyrme for agreeing to help out with Futures today,

To Emma and Alice many thanks again for making us some goodies, which helped to keep us going when we got wet. The mince pies and biscotti were lovely.

Great demonstration of the non stop swing exercise Amber, you really did show the girls how it was done and they were soon to follow in your footsteps.

You all took to the top 10 game and tried really hard to hole 3 x 3 footers in a row, get two consecutive bunker shots on the green and 35 yard shots into the net.

Well done to Ffion and Maisie for taking the top spoils and winning the Farrington poker chip ball marker.

What can you take from the putting, bunkers and the 35 yard pitch into the net today?



You needed to focus on the 3 footers, what looked an easy task was actually quite hard...See if you can hole 10 in a row.....or set a record and then go beat it!


Practice the snowman, fried egg, foot print and line drills and don’t forget you are trying to hit the sand on the green and we don’t want to hear the noise of the ball.


You don’t need as much power as you think, from watching Chris Coles we were able to see that he was swinging his hands with a nice rhythm from his abs to his chest. At the end we also learnt that shoulder alignment is important, and we don’t want to close the club face after impact.

Brilliant session girls. Have a great Christmas and Chris, Dave and I will see you in the new year. We hope it’s a handicap dropping/trophy winning 2019 for you......but you will have to work hard if you want this!


Due to the poor weather conditions today Futures North met at Farrington Park.

16 girls were tested with a delicate chip and unfortunately only a small few remembered the main components to execute this type of shot. Next session Chris and Terry are hoping for a more professional setup, so please put the work in, refer to old emails and photographs and ask parents to check your techniques, especially if you are going to compete in all these competitions that Dave spoke about this spring/summer. Please enter them and win a few prizes.

We then moved onto chipping the ball 4 different distances and a special mention must go out to Ffion who managed to hit all 4 targets. Absolutely brilliant, Ffion,  it won’t be long and you will be mixing in with the Development squad.

You can learn a lot from the coaches, but you can also learn a huge amount from watching the other girls in your bay who are doing well. Remember the story of how Tiger learnt from Seve. Also remember how to chip like Mickelson or Day....which Player was less wristy?

Emma and Alice once again made some lovely cakes for the group and Evie made brownies for the coaches so this gave us fuel for the second half of the session. Great effort girls this is a great team bonding thing to do.

We finished off the session with a very skilful shot through a a 10ft wide target, situated 25 yards away. The first dozen shots were easy and the girls were flying the golf ball high and through, but we then added the dreaded crossbar and made a goal and challenged the girls to hit it low and through.

Chris demonstrated the tools and knowledge required to play the shot and the girls were away and many points were scored with just as many close shaves resulting in many oooooohs and aaaaahhhs.

Well done to the 4 prize winners, Ffion, Amber, Grace and Lilia who scored the most points.

See you all on April 7th at Farrington for some holes, let’s hope for some clear skies and sunshine!

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For once we had great weather today, so plan A ran smoothly. We had 12 girls for today’s session and we met in the range and tried to chip balls off of very high tee pegs. We imagined they were coconuts, just like the fairground but no teddy bears or goldfish were up for grabs.

We then played Drive, Chip Putt and the girls really took to it. So much so, that they want a crack at it again next week, to try and beat their scores.

Kira 115,  Grace 105,  Maisie 100,  Milly 88,  Ava 75,  Evie 74, Alice 66, Lilia 62, JoJo 56, Lola 51, Abi 51, Emma 43

Well done to Kira, she is the girl to beat next week. (Pic, bottom right)

After DCP we played a Texas Scramble where Milly, Maisie, Jo Jo and Ava came out on top beating the other 2 groups by just one shot. (Pic. top left)

At break we were treated by Evie with an amazing lemon drizzle cake and it was delicious. We also must give a big thank you out to all the volunteers, Fran Davies, Margaret Allen, Pat Roscoe and Sue Skyrme who helped out tremendously, we could not have run today’s session without you.


Chris, Dave and Terry are looking forward to much of the same next week. for our rearranged Feb session.

Rearranged coaching on April 14th

We had 13 girls join in the session today for another dose of drive chip putt.

During the putting game we stopped to watch Annabelle's fantastic putting routine that is very similar to a Somerset Lady County Champion. Hopefully we can organise some video footage for all to see.

After the chipping we showed you a way of getting the floaty flight by keeping the loft on the club face, this was excellently demonstrated by Ffion.

Prior to the driving we worked on routine, shoulder alignment and trying to jink, jink, jink to see the club face again when posing.

Here are the scores from the girls who were able to complete DCP.

Seren 102  Annabelle 95  Evie 62  JoJo 37  Lilia 60  Ffion 117  Abi 44  Ashleigh 45,  Amber 74 Milly 90  Maisie 60

A brilliant score from Ffion won her first prize, closely followed by Seren.

We also had two instant prizes for the 2 girls that knocked the coconuts off and they went to Amber and Milly.  Well done to Ava who did as much as she could one handed and smiling all the way through the session and once again we must thank Evie for her amazing cake making...the red velvet cake was just as good as the lemon drizzle from last week.  It’s up to you now girls for a few weeks to keep on top of your games.

Chris, Dave and Terry are looking forward to seeing you at the all squads get together on May 12th.


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May 12th Farrington Park Combined squads day


A lovely afternoon at Farrington Park for an all squads get together with 34 girls.


Once the girls had been split into 3 groups the first hour was spent on the putting greens rotating around 3 different challenges....skills with Shane and Simon, reading greens with Stuart and controlling pace with Chris and Terry.


Captains from the Performance and Development groups were then picked to play Texas Scramble on the front 9 of the championship course with other Development girls and Futures girls. It was absolutely brilliant to watch you all gel together and motivate one another, I’m sure you all watched some wonderful shots.


Before we could play we had to sample some amazing millionaire shortbread made by Evie...I think it gave you all a buzz before playing.


Not all groups managed to complete 9 holes in the allotted time so here are the results for the best 6 holes Gross and we had some amazing scores.


Davina Libbie Amber Lilia -2

Lizzy Annabelle Lucy Ashleigh Even Par

Ellen Kira Polly Emma Even Par

Frankie Grace JoJo Chloe +1

Leah Milly Amy (3 ball) +3

Natasha Alex Lilia +5


We will make sure a prize makes its way to the winning team through your county coaches.


Well done everyone today and thanks to all the parents for bringing all the girls to sessions this season and to all the helpers who have given their time to help out. Dave, Pat and Margaret were invaluable today.


Have a great summer and we will invite you to Somerset Girls Coaching in October.


Which group will you be in???

Have you worked hard enough to move up a group???

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