13th May. Combined squads Saltford

Just a quick note to say, I’ve enjoyed every minute working with you girls this year, those that came yesterday absolutely smashed the chipping technique, if you could choose your aim a little better and take on board some of the other areas that Chris and I showed you, then you would all be world class. I still think you are collectively the best young group of girls chipping in the country right now.

Also remember to practice Hundred to Zero. First work out what club you can hit 100 yards and then if it only goes 70 yards we are looking for a 30 yard second shot. This worked quite well for when we went out on the beautiful golf course.

Have a great summer and we all hope to see you at the assessment day in September at Farrington Park.

I have left the picture of Tiger for you again to fine tune, so you can all be the best in the solar system!

Terry Williams

P.G.A Professional

14th October Farrington Park

Good Evening Futures


Dave, Chris and I hope you enjoyed the session today, apologies we couldn’t get out and play but by the time it stopped raining the session was near to ending.  During the chipping challenge today the main theme was teamwork and sportsmanship and finding out a little about one another. I think Emma and Alice showed a great deal of teamwork by making you all chocolate brownies. They were absolutely lovely.

Well done to Evie and Abby for scoring the most points....I’m not sure if you picked up your prize Evie????.......and well done to the winning team who had the pleasure of polishing off the rest of the brownies...yum yum!

Attached is the picture of Tiger Woods, please refer to this when practicing your setup. Hopefully you can all work on what you learnt today within 2 or 3 days or it will just fade into space.

Thank you Maisie, Georgie, Evie, and Shenai for being brave and demonstrating a few shots in front of a large crowd of 20 plus girls. I think you learnt a lot about yourselves and your technique doing so. During the demos we learnt about not being too wristy and holding the finish position with club face at 1 o’clock. Keep it up everyone!

It was also nice to watch you hit some fuller shots in the last 10 minutes, we really have got some talent in the County at the moment and we cannot wait to work again with you soon.

The next Futures session is November 11th so please get plenty of practice in for then.


Terry, Chris and Dave

futures north oct14th

November 11th 2018 Farrington Park


Well done Futures!

This afternoon it was absolutely brilliant to watch you all on the course playing some holes in style.

It would not have been possible if it wasn’t for Margaret Allen, Fran Davies and Abby Gray from Somerset who helped out by walking round with groups and keeping score. It was also great to have a few parents on the sidelines hopefully enjoying the golf as much as we did.

We warmed up in the range first by trying to land the ball in the net situated 50 yards away, this was to help you get a feel of the game ahead on the par 3 manor course. Each hole measured 60 yards and you were trying to make as many threes or less to be in with a chance of winning a Farrington Poker Chip and Ball Marker.

All groups played at least 5 holes and it was amazing to see 2 girls in Ffion and Milly achieve 3 threes, winning them the 2 top spots. So many girls were close with 2 and we would have seen a whole lot more if the putting was on song.

It would be nice to see some twos the next time we get a chance to get out and play, but you will have to practice really hard to achieve this and I cannot promise you the holes will be 60 yards next time, so try and find the feel for many more yardages. AND SPEND A LOT OF TIME ON THE PUTTING GREEN....It really will help you win next time out!

Well done again, see you on Sunday 2nd December at 1pm to 3pm when we plan to tackle the short game.



Terry, Chris and Dave

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2nd December Farrington Park

Well done this afternoon Futures

You all battled through the elements, with next to no negativity, we really do have a talented and positive bunch.

Firstly I would like to thank our Ladies Captain Pat Roscow, and Farrington lady members Gwyn Macdonald and Sue Skyrme for agreeing to help out with Futures today,

To Emma and Alice many thanks again for making us some goodies, which helped to keep us going when we got wet. The mince pies and biscotti were lovely.

Great demonstration of the non stop swing exercise Amber, you really did show the girls how it was done and they were soon to follow in your footsteps.

You all took to the top 10 game and tried really hard to hole 3 x 3 footers in a row, get two consecutive bunker shots on the green and 35 yard shots into the net.

Well done to Ffion and Maisie for taking the top spoils and winning the Farrington poker chip ball marker.

What can you take from the putting, bunkers and the 35 yard pitch into the net today?



You needed to focus on the 3 footers, what looked an easy task was actually quite hard...See if you can hole 10 in a row.....or set a record and then go beat it!


Practice the snowman, fried egg, foot print and line drills and don’t forget you are trying to hit the sand on the green and we don’t want to hear the noise of the ball.


You don’t need as much power as you think, from watching Chris Coles we were able to see that he was swinging his hands with a nice rhythm from his abs to his chest. At the end we also learnt that shoulder alignment is important, and we don’t want to close the club face after impact.

Brilliant session girls. Have a great Christmas and Chris, Dave and I will see you in the new year. We hope it’s a handicap dropping/trophy winning 2019 for you......but you will have to work hard if you want this!