29th April Burnham and Berrow


With only a small group of girls from Development and Performance, our focus today was on warming up before a game and an on course session where the thought process was on course management and thinking about which shot would give the best result.


Before the round, the girls developed their personal warm ups. Thus wasvaux of putting, chipping and full shots. More emphasis was placed on putting and holing out. 5 balls with the length of the putt increasing, 5 with the length of putt decreasing, 5 random length putts and 5 from putter length to build confidence in hoing out.


Using 5 different clubs to chip with from the same position to help the girls think which is the better club to give the best result.


Finally finishing the warm up with a few chips and more putts.


On the course, the girls had a specific colour. Depending on which colour was called, they either hit the shot or described the shot. The girls responded really well to this. On the greens, the girls had a consequence to leaving putts short or outside of a putter length. This consequence was not playing the next tee shot.


All in all, a great session was had with many laughs along the way

Sunday 13th March 2018 Development Squad Coaching


What a great day we had at Saltford Golf Club!   Our goal for the warm up session was to get the girls striking their hybrids & fairway woods great to build confidence for the course. Our thoughts were on understanding how to develop a repeatable pre shot routine to help us create a sound set up position. But also to encourage confidence on the shot we are about to play.

This pre shot routine was created around some key thoughts that need to be considered before the shot. Target, Practice, Visualize, Perform


After some impressive ball striking and deadly accurate shots on the range we headed out to the chipping green.

Our goal during this 20 minute practice was to understand how the greens will react on the course. To help with this we played shots with wedges & our bump & run club placing a frisbee on our landing area. What we discovered was on the up hill shot the percentage of shots finishing close to the hole dramatically increased when we played the bump & run rather than the wedge shot.


On the course, I was so impressed with everyone’s ball striking its unbelievable how much this has improved over the last 6 months. A couple of things did stand out on the course which we discussed was decision-making and club choice. For example up hill shots require more club and downhill shots require less club. But with regards to chipping around the greens and putting, its shows that what we have worked on over the winter and your hard work and dedication is paying off.

I wish everyone a great summers golfing and encourage you all to get out and play in competitions to get closer to those goals we set back in October.

I really look forward to hearing how you progress over the next few months.


Kind Regards,  Shane

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Sunday 14th October Development Squad Report


It was great to see so many new and familiar faces today and everyone bonding, as we know after watching the Ryder Cup to become a great team it is as much about team spirit as it is about ability.  To begin the day we started with handing out team shirts to those who didn’t have any and delivering a short presentation of the new team captain who is Abby.  We then put the girls into teams of three, which worked out perfectly with numbers. We were able to put out one Performance and two Development players to play a Texas Scramble on the Channel Course.

This was an excellent opportunity for myself and Stuart to watch the girls perform on the course. We are aware that some were a bit nervous early on but as the girls relaxed there was some great golf played.   Stuart reported back to me on areas he felt some of the girls needed to work on and I have noted down areas from the groups I watched. I have also been in touch with their home coaches to report back on anything they are working on that I can help to support.  I look forward to the rest of the sessions over the winter and hearing about how their practice is going. I would say the main goal over the winter is to keep up with the practice each week, we love a strong work ethic. For those who don’t have a handicap get out there and get those score cards in.  

Next session there has been a change of location; we will be at the Golf Range in Highbridge working mostly with long Game on set up, fundamental swing issues and skill challenges.  The address for Burnham Golf Range is

Burnham Golf Range

Bristol Road



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Sunday 4th November Development Squad Report


It was as if we knew the weather was going to be miserable when we planned to be at Burnham Golf Range.


This session was focused on ball striking with all clubs. We talked through set up with pitching and full swing with woods & Irons. Before each challenge that they were set.


The pitching challenge was set up to be nearly impossible, to see how the girls would cope with failure and its safe to say they are all a very determined bunch as no one gave up on the challenge. The challenge was to land a ball in each section of a 5-yard increment ladder without missing if successful they then had to land a ball on the trampoline. If at any point they failed they had to start from the beginning.


On the iron play we placed face tape onto the face of the iron and had to strike the middle of the face and hit target to gain a point. During this challenge each golfer was given a drill to work on, to support what their home coach is working on or to offer advice to those who do not have a home coach.


We then progressed onto the driver where we played the H card game where Libbie did great scoring in the 20s.

The aim was to hit the fairway for 3 points, if the fairway was missed then it’s -1 point if it’s a big miss then its -2 points. They each had 10 drives.


It would be great if the girls could use the games during their own practice sessions to help them practice with a purpose.


I look forward to seeing everyone at Burnham & Berrow Golf Club on Sunday 2nd December.



Sunday 2nd December Development Squad Report



We all had a lot of fun in this session. Our focus for the session was to improve our ball striking with our fairway woods off the deck and distance control from 60 yards and in.


We worked on the above by setting out a game called ladder impossible which involved a task of landing shots up the ladder without failing then having to hit the final shot into a small circle with the pressure of the whole class watching. This worked well as an exercise to emulate golf course pressure.


We also worked on our distance control with the trackman a big motivator for the girls was the chocolate coins up for grabs and a huge well done goes to Daisy, Libbie, Beth & Evie for earning their chocolate coins by  completing ladder (not so) impossible or having the highest trackman score.


We then focused on our techniques and fundamentals of set up to enable us to strike the fairway wood before completing our player profile forms, to set us up for the new year.


The biggest thing I took from the session and chatting with the girls is they need to get out and play more, to put their practice and skills to the test but to also improve at a must faster pace.  


It was a really engaging session and I look forward to seeing everyone at the next date on Sunday 3rd February.