Sunday 7th April Somerset Development Squad Training


A great session at Burnham & Berrow. Upon arrival the girls went through some important rules & how to navigate through a rules book. (maybe mums & dads should have stuck around for this bit) We then headed out to the channel course to play a stableford competing in the biggest event of the year “The Mini Egg Trophy”

I must say that the girls ball striking from fairway and tee was exceptional. The whole group have improved lots since the start of the winter but their was one person this week because of their ball striking and ability to brush off a poor shot and make up for it with the next one and this was Evie.

A couple of key areas that require a bit of work as a group to really help lower scores.

1.Take care over every shot

          a.Choose your shot and club

          b.Practice shot (with 1 or 2 practice swings) and visualise the shot

       c.Set up to ball, check target/landing area & play the shot.  

2. When in trouble/long grass get the ball back in play with a short iron. There were a few  occasions where a hybrid or fw wood was played.    

3. On a links course remember a putt or chip & run will usually finish closer than a pitch.

Here are the Top 3 scores from the the “Mini Egg Trophy”

1.Evie Williams - 23 points (Mini Egg Champ)

2.Libbie Dezis - 20 points

3.Katie Griffiths - 17 points

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Development Coaching Report May 12th 2019


What a beautiful day at Farrington Golf Club, we started the session with three stations combining the Development & Performance groups due to low development numbers. (A few were away playing at Wheathill)

The stations consisted of pace putting with Terry & Chris, drills & skills with myself & Simon & breaking putts with Stuart. This was a good opportunity to help the girls with some technical aspects but also guide them through options on alignment, pace control and green reading.

We then had a break for some delicious home made millionaire shortbread baked by a very kind futures member.

The girls were split into groups on the golf course to play a Texas Scramble, each lead by a performance member. In our group this experience was fantastic for the futures and development to see Davinas ball striking and touch around the greens. It was also lovely to see the girls working together by helping to read putts, decide on what shot to take and how to play them.

I would also like to add how well the futures and development girls are progressing the drives that I watched going up the first hole were exceptional.

The day was a great success and highlighted how well Somerset are doing as a County for developing such talented golfers from a grass roots level through to Performance.

Shane Kaye

PGA Professional

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Somerset Girls Development Squad Coaching  Sunday 9th June  The Mendip Golf Club


We got very lucky in our 9 holes practice at The Mendip narrowly missing the storms. This was a very educational day for the girls who are competing in the Championship at The Mendip. As you are probably aware but I do want to highlight how well the girls have progressed since Christmas. Many handicaps have been reduced and first handicaps have been achieved. Once a handicap is achieved this opens up many opportunities for a golfer but also increases motivation to get out and play more to better this handicap.

The 9 holes at The mendip was a great learning curve, firstly some who had never played foursomes got to experience this tough format. What was so good to see is when a poor shot was hit, the playing partner was quick to support her playing partner. This was my favourite part of the day.


Other learning curves of the day was to accept that the odd poor shot will be hit but the only thing you can control is the next shot. If you are in a spot of trouble then get the ball back in play with the safe option. More often than not this may mean you have to play out sideways with a wedge.


Choosing the correct club there are a few hilly holes the first and the fifth stand out make sure you club up on the up hill shots.


The final nugget of the day was to spend a good amount of time between now and the championship practicing long putts. This was the number 1 area that can save everyone a lot of shots. The most common theme was leaving these longer putts short and often resulting in a 3 putt. If we can get our first putt closer to the hole this will then reduce the pressure on the next putt and result in more two putts.


This was a lovely day for the girls and a huge well done to Lilliana & Polly for scoring 18 points in their foursomes.


Have an amazing golfing summer, see you in September.