Somerset Girls Development Squad October Report


This was the first session of the year with many new Development Squad members and what a session!. I can see these girls doing great, their attitude towards the game and each other couldn’t have been better. I was very pleased to see the girls chatting and supporting each other on the course, a big part of our squad coaching is to bond as a group.


With that being said the other focus of the day was to set our goals for the year and to understand where our strengths and weaknesses are on the course and we did this by gathering putting and approach play stats on the course.

The findings are over 5 holes were

10 shots were lost on approach play

19 shots were lost on putts

22 shots were lost on approach play


This is great news as it really highlights the areas where the most shots can be saved to help the girls achieve their goals and ultimately lower their scores. I was really pleased with how well the girls’ ball striking was and look forward to hearing about any round you play over the next few weeks.

See you all at Burnham & Berrow, also don’t forget to put any notes/thoughts into your log book.



Somerset Girls Development Squad Coaching November  10th 2019 Report


It was a fabulous day at Burnham & Berrow with the sun shining and barely a breath of wind.


The plan for the session was to focus on distance control for yardages 30 - 90 yards and get our distances for pitching positions in the swing.


The girls worked on swing positions in the first hour with their pitching wedge and if they could continue this over the winter it would really help them advance. The idea is to swing the club back and through to the following positions and then work out the carry distance thigh to thigh, waist to waist, shoulder to shoulder and full swing.


If the girls can work on these positions with their Sand wedge, Pitching wedge & 9 iron then jot it in their practice log book we can continue to work on it when we meet in december.


This will really help them to progress in the area we are mostly focusing on this winter and that is getting the ball closer to the hole from 100 yards.


When we played on the course we shortened the holes to the yardages we practiced on the range. Which was 90, 75, 60, 45 & 30 yards. The findings on the course were 29 greens were hit from a possible 71 which highlights that if we were to improve in this area scores would come tumbling down.


I look forward to seeing everyone on the 8th at Burnham & Berrow for a slightly shorter session starting at 1:00pm and finishing at 3pm.


Shane Kaye