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The county holds a number of golf competitions throughout the year. These competitions are not aimed at those who either play or aspire to play for the county first team rather they are for all county members with a handicap. There are both gross and nett prizes at all competitions.

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Interclub Competitions 2017

Click here for details of the following: Rogers Cup, Centenary Plate and Grass Roots Cup 



1. Players must have a competition handicap of 35 or less, with the exception of the Rogers Cup which is 30 and the Grass Roots Trophy which is 36, 50+ Championship which is 28 and the Championship which is 20.

2 .CDH numbers must be supplied.

3. The requisite fee must accompany each entry.

4. Ties in stroke play to be decided on last 9, 6, 3 or 1 holes.

5. Full Members (those who have paid a per capita fee) are entitled to play in the County Championship and to play for the County in the England Golf County Golf Championship.

6. The Executive Committee reserves the right to make any alteration to meetings without warning and to refuse any entry without stating a reason. Any disputes must be referred to the Executive Committee, whose decision shall be final.

7. Late arrivals – Rules of Golf, Rule 6 – 3 applies.

8. The Home Club shall be that which holds your handicap.

9. Buggies may be used in all County Competitions with the prior permission of the Competition Secretary AND the host Club, on presentation of a medical certificate. The buggy is for the sole use of that player.

10. Distance Measuring Devices (DMD’s) may be used in all County competitions.

11. Trophies will be presented at the end of each event. In addition, the Rogers Cup, the Centenary Plate and the Grass Roots Trophy will be presented at the AGM. Winners of all trophies must arrange the appropriate engraving and send the Account to Hon. Treasurer for reimbursement.

2017  Bronze and Siver County Meetings

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