Coaching Reports

Coaching report November 17th


Wells golf club is now our new home for our coaching, as Terry Williams has moved there from Farrington Park.  Terry had a very organised day, but we had a special duty to do first.


We all sang Happy Birthday to Davina out on the range.


Everyone gathered on the grass range to warm up then taking it in turns to chip to distances set by Terry.  We were then given score cards, with instructions for each hole. The first hole everyone was to hit the right hand of the fairway to earn a bonus point.  Other holes you had to hit the front right edge of the green or hit the green in 3.  This kept everyone focused and the winner after 12 holes was Hannah Woodley with 37 points, winning a chocolate bar.


Next we tried some virtual putting, trying to guess how long it took for the ball to drop. The putts were timed and proved quite difficult for some of us. This was aimed at getting more of a positive feel for putting.  Terry then led a reflective discussion on how or what we could do to win next year, what could we think of that didn’t go so well.


I then finished with further dates for our diaries and the fact that we had a couple of warm up matches booked.



County Captain

Team chipping games from


10 yards, 20 yards and 50 yards

Bunker Shots


Everyone had to hit a bunker shot on each hole and hole out for one.  Two points for doing so.

Coaching at Wells Golf Club

Sunday 15 March 2020