THE BARLOW CUP (20.5-36.4 HCP)


Clubs shall hold qualifying Stableford rounds in the month of May of the current year.


Weekend and weekday competitions must be held, but should a player enter both, only her first score counts.


Members may only enter the qualifying competition at their Home Club.  The qualifier shall be the player returning best Stableford score in the handicap category stated above.


If the qualifier is unable to enter the Category Championship her place may only be taken by the next best score.


Ladies Competition Secretaries must notify the winners that they have qualified to compete for the Barlow Cup at the Category Championship.


They must also notify the name of the qualifier to the County Competition Secretary by 30th June 2020.


Letters are on the website for both the winners and SLCGA Competition Secretary.


Should a Barlow qualifier reduce her handicap below 20.5 prior to the Category Championship she may still compete for the Barlow Cup but must play off her current handicap.


She will not be eligible for any other Category Championship prize in her handicap range.


Please use the Category Championships Entry Form on the website.  


Play will be in 3’s.


Please enter with partners, or individually and partners will be allocated.


Start sheets will be published on the SLCGA website and sent the Club Delegates 14 days before the date of the Championship

RULES FOR THE BARLOW CUP (printable version) ENTRY FORM (Download)