Hi All,


Great to see everyone at Saltford today (10th March 2019). Thank you for braving the wet and windy weather.

Due to the weather we started off doing some putting in the conference room on the putting mat. The aim was to work on everyone’s set up and putting stroke.

The main points covered to achieve a good putt are as follows:


- Eyes over the ball

- The line on the putter must be in the centre of the golf ball at address

- Ball position slightly forward of centre


- Rock the shoulders

- Vary the length of the stroke to achieve different distances

- Achieving a consistent tempo throughout the stroke


To finish off putting we played a 6ft and 10ft challenge. Laila, Matilda and Ava all came away with prizes for the best set ups and putting strokes achieved, so well done girls!

After the putting we ventured down to the driving range, where we worked on woods and drivers. The main points to remember for these shots are:

- Width of stance is wider than shoulder width

- Ball position inside the left heel

- Maintaining good balance throughout the swing

One final game of the straightest drive was played where the girls had the opportunity to show off their techniques. Annie was victorious with a superb wood shot under pressure showing a great driver technique and therefore also took a prize home.

Well done to everyone who took part in the session today. Use these main focus points throughout your practice between now and the next session on 11th May.

Kind Regards,  Chris Coles PGA Professional


5th May 2019

Great to see the girls at Saltford today and finally had some nice weather to go with it. Today was the last session for this season and I must say it’s been a pleasure coaching the girls and I have seen some great improvements.

Our main focus today was short game covering chipping and putting. When looking at the chip shot we focused on set up with our feet closer together, ball position central, holding down the grip and the weight favouring the forward leg. We also covered setting the angle on the backswing (hinge) to help the strike (crisp). We played a challenge and each girl had 10 balls to chip inside the yellow circle and gain as many points as possible. Everyone done fantastic and achieved highly, with Annie coming out on top with the most points, so well done!

When putting, we talked through making sure our left eye is directly over the ball, using our shoulders (pivot from the shoulders) to create a pendulum action, length of stroke (arc) and rhythm. These 4 points are very important when it comes to putting and will help consistency.

We finished off the session with a team ladder game where each team had to complete the ladder in the quickest time possible. Well done to Phoebe, Yihan, Aurelia and Poppy on winning the ladder game.

I hope all the girls have enjoyed the sessions! I wish everyone a great summer and encourage you to play lots of golf and put into practice what we have worked on during the 4 sessions.

Kind regards , Chris Coles - PGA Professional

academy girls

Great to see everyone on Sunday and meet some new faces, we have a fantastic group going forwards and really looking forward the rest of our sessions together.


We started off explaining to the girls about how it is important to warm up before playing or practising to reduce the risk of injury. The girls came up with a few stretches which can be useful to help loosen up to hit balls.  After the warm up we  moved onto Chipping and how a good set up will help execute the shot.

Set up points we looked at:

- feet closer together

- ball position middle

- weight favouring the lead leg 70%

- gripping down the club and standing closer to the ball.


Going onto the the swing itself we looked at setting the angle (Hinge the wrists) on the backswing to help encourage a steeper angle of attack into the ball to help a better strike. It’s important to hear a CRISP strike on the mat. The girls worked on their techniques for half hour before playing a bucket challenge at various distances, aiming to hit or get the ball in the buckets. Congratulations to Scarlett on winning the challenge.


The second part of the session we looked at the full swing with a 7 iron/mid iron which again we talked out the set up. Set up points we looked at:

- feet shoulder width apart

- ball position middle

- tilting from the hips keeping a straight back and slight bend in the knees


Then looking at the swing we talked about L to L in the swing trying to creat an L shape on the way back and another L on the way through. This will help the girls get the club on the correct path and angle to help strike the ball. We also talked about the finish position and where your weight should be when you finish the golf swing which is forwards on the lead leg.


To end the session we played a get over the water challenge, where the girls had to carry over the row of blue cones on the range to achieve a point, the girl with the most points wins.This is great game to improve strike. Congratulations to Gemma who won the game.

It’s was a great first session and I look forward to our next session on Sunday 1st December. Keep up the good work and will see you in a couple of months.


Many thanks Chris Coles - PGA Professional